Bradbury Gives the Chills

Bradbury Gives the Chills

There is an oddly delightful sensation in being creeped out. Scary movies and Halloween attest to humanity’s preoccupation with the macabre and mysterious. The sensation of goosebumps slowly crawling up one’s arms and neck evokes a mixture of dread and excitement. A good writer channels these feelings without the aid of outside images. His words alone are responsible for painting the dreadful picture. Now, no one does this better than Ray Bradbury in his short story, The Pedestrian.

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The Hunger Games Review

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North America, still standing strong depending on how you see recent events that are but either way we still are here and surviving, however, in a famous book series, something happened to us and we became a nation extremely divided. This famous book is none other than The Hunger Games series, North America in the book faced a terrible war that separated us beyond comprehension to the point that we were labeled by numbers from districts 1-13 and with them being ruled by the Capitol. When the world faces an apocalyptic event we battle the head people in a rebellion that shook what was left of our nation. We fought fiercely but when the war ended it ended with the rebellion losing the war and District 13 and as a punishment the hunger games was created to keep us in our place while the Capitol got to relax and enjoy the richer life.

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The Districts


Luxury district and known to make the wealthy and luxury items for the people of the Capitol.


Masonry district and they create the weaponry for many uses, many peacekeepers which are the capitol’s police officers so to speak. Read More

Rikki Tikki Tavi Review

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We all heard a children story once in our life. Each one was to put us to bed or make our day better and most will have a more family friendly atmosphere but surprisingly not all of them. One book that I hold dear to my heart is Rikki Tikki Tavi which is about a mongoose who is adopted into a British family that is living in India who soon become attacked my angry cobras. My mom used to read the book to me in between answering phone calls for her pest control company she was starting with my older brother. Some of my fondest memories were created on days where she read me this story. 

Throughout the book, Rikki becomes loved by the family and begins adjusting to his new life in this family as a pet but soon finds two Cobras named Nag and Nagaina trying to hurt his beloved family because they are not happy these humans moved on their territory.


The Real Life Animals

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A small carnivorous animal native Africa and some parts of Asia One of their skills is being adapted in fighting snakes, most notably cobras


Deadly snakes, one of the most venomous snakes out there, when threaten it rears up almost like standing and produces a hood which is a reason why it is famously called a King Cobra. Read More

Twilight Series Summary and Review

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No matter where you’re from, no matter what age you are or what is your type of movie or book, we all can agree that one point in our lives we heard of the book series called Twilight. If some reason you have not, the quick summary is that a girl named Bella Swan moved in with her dad in Forks, Washington and met a sparkly vampire named Edward Cullen. Later on, he leaves her to “keep her safe” which is major crap, and she starts to hang out with the now hot and hunky Jacob Black who turns out to be a werewolf of sorts, he turns into a giant wolf that is made to kill and destroy the vampire. They hang out, he falls for her which I don’t know why but okay, and she starts to love him back but Alice Cullen who is Edward’s sister comes back. Vampires have abilities, Edward can read minds but not Bella’s but Alice can see the future whenever she wants but not Jacob’s, she takes Bella who willingly goes to save Edward in Italy from a royal clan of vampires named the Volturi. Read More

Harry Potter is a Jewel for All Ages

Harry Potter is a Jewel for All Ages

Friends are like water in the desert. They sustain us and fill our lives with joy. It is better to go through life accompanied by friends then fight for one’s own way and pass through it alone. Friendship requires each person to seek the good of the other even if that means making hard decisions. The nuances and intricacies of young friendship are explored with great skill in J.K. Rowling’s world-renowned series, Harry Potter. As young people emerge from high school and beyond, these books open their eyes to the importance and meaning of true friendship.


Despite the extremely vocal critics of the series, Harry Potter is primarily concerned with one boy and his friends struggling against a monstrous evil. The greatest defense from the onslaught of darkness is found in the power and love of friends. For instance, it is the friendly love that Hermione holds for Ron that prompts her to heal him after he has been poisoned. Harry sacrifices himself on more than one occasion (Sorcerer’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets, etc.) for the sake of his friends. Read More

A Long Love Story – Anna Karenina

A Long Love Story – Anna Karenina

A sweeping romance, Anna Karenina bewitches the reader from page one! Set in 1870s Russia, it tells the story of the young wife Anna Karenina and her tragic romantic downfall with the charming Count Vronsky. Intermingling societal commentary with extensive and dynamic characterization, Leo Tolstoy’s masterpiece is one of a kind. There is no better book to excite the senses and indulge the mind.  You will not regret the read!  

A Societal Commentary

Even though it is romantic, the book is about more than Anna’s relationship. Tolstoy uses her unfortunate situation to discuss the nature of sin, family, and love in Russian culture at the time. As a result, he weaves in his own philosophy through the character of Levin, a stalwart Russian gentleman-farmer. Tolstoy’s critiques of society are extremely interesting and help propel the story forward contributing to the overall intensity and majesty of the work. In the end, Anna Karenina is not only a sweeping romance but also a societal expose. Read More