The Hunger Games Review

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North America, still standing strong depending on how you see recent events that are but either way we still are here and surviving, however, in a famous book series, something happened to us and we became a nation extremely divided. This famous book is none other than The Hunger Games series, North America in the book faced a terrible war that separated us beyond comprehension to the point that we were labeled by numbers from districts 1-13 and with them being ruled by the Capitol. When the world faces an apocalyptic event we battle the head people in a rebellion that shook what was left of our nation. We fought fiercely but when the war ended it ended with the rebellion losing the war and District 13 and as a punishment the hunger games was created to keep us in our place while the Capitol got to relax and enjoy the richer life.

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The Districts


Luxury district and known to make the wealthy and luxury items for the people of the Capitol.


Masonry district and they create the weaponry for many uses, many peacekeepers which are the capitol’s police officers so to speak.


Technology district and one of the first districts to start the rebellion and now live in abject poverty


Fishing district, it is implied District 4 was the Capitol’s ally in the first rebellion


Power and electricity districts. Not much is known about this district besides that and that they were bombed in the second uprising by the Capitol


Transportation district for the Capitol and seems to have an addiction problem with its citizens.


The lumber district, the children start work at such a young age


The fashion district so to speak. They are textile are they have one factory made for the district to make peacekeeper uniforms


Grain District, basically farming


Livestock herds the animals for food for the other districts and the Capitol


Agriculture, the district is covered with fields of cotton and grain


The district of Coal, Coalminers basically and the main characters Katniss and Peeta live here.


Nuclear weapons, however, it was obliterated in the war and uninhabitable but it is revealed in Mockingjay that they are underground and been planning another rebellion.


hunger games books

The book itself is an incredible find as it brings a new feel to a love triangle and how the heroine of the story is not a usual one. Most heroes are thrown into the battle they must face while Katniss saw her sister was about to be sent to the games and willingly volunteered to protect her making her taking the risk and putting herself in the war. For the love triangle, Katniss clearly states she is an independent girl, not much looking for love and honesty on her part but the chemistry between both is unique as one she is a lot alike but that scares her while the other she is nothing alike but that draws her in. This book obviously isn’t a children’s book it is still a fantastic book none the less and the series in total is amazing, although the third was a little let down, but, I will not spoil anymore. Want to know more? Time to check out the book and you will not be disappointed I promise.

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