Twilight Series Summary and Review

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No matter where you’re from, no matter what age you are or what is your type of movie or book, we all can agree that one point in our lives we heard of the book series called Twilight. If some reason you have not, the quick summary is that a girl named Bella Swan moved in with her dad in Forks, Washington and met a sparkly vampire named Edward Cullen. Later on, he leaves her to “keep her safe” which is major crap, and she starts to hang out with the now hot and hunky Jacob Black who turns out to be a werewolf of sorts, he turns into a giant wolf that is made to kill and destroy the vampire. They hang out, he falls for her which I don’t know why but okay, and she starts to love him back but Alice Cullen who is Edward’s sister comes back. Vampires have abilities, Edward can read minds but not Bella’s but Alice can see the future whenever she wants but not Jacob’s, she takes Bella who willingly goes to save Edward in Italy from a royal clan of vampires named the Volturi.

In the Twilight Series, she saves him and chooses him over Jacob, which may I add is crazy! So she now is with the vampire who abandoned her in the first place and they argue because she wants to be like him which I will admit those vampires are amazing. While they argue, a vengeful vampire named Victoria is after them and is making an army of Vampires to kill the Cullen clan and Bella. Now she wants to kill them over a bad break up…well, Edward killed her mate but he was a killing jerk so whatever. As time goes by, Bella falls more for Jacob while still in love with Edward and both men agree to fight together to protect Bella who at this point, in my opinion, is just not worth it. Jacob finds out she agreed to marry Edward and wants to go fight and die which I say is extreme I mean she isn’t the most amazing girl out there! Bella decides she should kiss him and mess with his and her emotions more to keep him from killing himself. He accepts they kiss and he runs to fight and ends up injured, Edward kills Victoria and they Volturi comes in to warn them she needs to be turned soon because they are impatient weirdos.


In the next Twilight Series, they get married, she gets pregnant somehow, wolf pack tries to kill her. So Jacob finds out through wolf magic called imprinting that Bella’s daughter who she named Renesmee and he is to protect her and care for her until she is of age to be his mate which is just creepy. The Volturi go to kill them because they don’t approve of baby vampires because apparently, they kill like crazy which right now I am convinced the author was just in a rush to finish this. They see she isn’t a threat and leaves and they live happily ever after in this weird and confusing fantasy land. So basically it is a good book but just very…weird and you may start to hate Bella a lot at some points but in all, it is a good read, plus the movies aren’t that bad.

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