Rikki Tikki Tavi Review

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We all heard a children story once in our life. Each one was to put us to bed or make our day better and most will have a more family friendly atmosphere but surprisingly not all of them. One book that I hold dear to my heart is Rikki Tikki Tavi which is about a mongoose who is adopted into a British family that is living in India who soon become attacked my angry cobras. My mom used to read the book to me in between answering phone calls for her pest control company she was starting with my older brother. Some of my fondest memories were created on days where she read me this story. 

Throughout the book, Rikki becomes loved by the family and begins adjusting to his new life in this family as a pet but soon finds two Cobras named Nag and Nagaina trying to hurt his beloved family because they are not happy these humans moved on their territory.


The Real Life Animals

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A small carnivorous animal native Africa and some parts of Asia One of their skills is being adapted in fighting snakes, most notably cobras


Deadly snakes, one of the most venomous snakes out there, when threaten it rears up almost like standing and produces a hood which is a reason why it is famously called a King Cobra.

For a children’s book, it has a unique storyline that involves near death and a brutal death of Nag when the father shoots him with his shotgun. What stood out most of all was the hero of the book, Rikki, and how he knew he needed something to give him the upper hand in this war he had going on with the now widowed Nagaina. As she corners the family threatening to kill them with a poisonous bite, Rikki destroys her eggs which for a children story it is rare to see the hero kill unborn children and by rare I mean never seen. Rikki spares one little egg and goes to his family and tells Nagaina what he has done and shows her she now only has one egg left which makes her stop from nearly biting the human child. She lives with her egg but what I loved is how Rikki knew better than to let her leave since she might come back so he runs after her to end her in one final battle in which he comes out victorious.

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This book originally was introduced in The Jungle Book in the original release of the book which is featured the jungle book and a few smaller stories. Rikki Tikki Tavi gained popularity over the years and eventually was not only given its own book but also a movie adaption in 1965 in the well, believe it or not, the Soviet Union as a short animation film and in 1975 it got a live action film adaption. If that doesn’t show that this book is a good find for anyone who of any age then I don’t know what is honestly. A Child book packed with suspense, thrill, heart racing action and heartwarming moments I think we all could love, and who wouldn’t love a book about a kick butt and brave Mongoose.

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